There are a lot of sources on the internet to find writing jobs.  Some are legit and others are scams!

The kind of writing jobs you find, really depends on how much you expect to make. A common thing now is writing for search engine optimization (SEO), and that is usually very low paying.  However,  it’s one that you can generate a lot of topics and get paid per search engine optimized word.

SEO writing jobs is something that you’ll find quite easily and is one of the best places to find that kind of work. If you’re just looking for a writing job that will get you started, get your foot in the door, and potentially get you a lot of online gigs, that might be the way to go.

Other ways to find writing jobs online are to go to specific publications, get their writers’ guidelines.  Learn a little bit more about their content and what they’re looking for by using the Internet to research their content.

Depending on what kind of writing you’re wanting to do, that’s going to determine where you go to look for this kind writing job.

A third place to look for writing jobs online would be a site that provides content and hires people directly to provide it, something like EHow or another online publisher that hires writers from its readers.


Fortunately I have surveyed over 48 different sites for you.  Below is a list of 11 of the best sites I’ve found for writing jobs.

Take some time to visit each and bookmark the sites that work best for you.

Real Writing Jobs

Constant Content

Content Authority

 Love to Know

 Ask Deb

The Blogger Pool

Independent Publishing

Writer Access


These links are all active as of the date this post was published.  I you find some that are broken, please let us know.

Also, do you have a favorite site to find writing jobs?  Put it in the comments section below.




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