When you are starting in the freelance writing market you will find many opportunities. Before jumping it, it’s a good idea to be sure you have the necessary skills.  You should also have strategy to make it as full time freelance writing pro.

There are different phases to a freelance writing career.  Before you put yourself out there, read through each of these phases below.  These tips will prepare you for sustained success.

Freelance Writing Start-up Phase

Measure your skills and interests: Start by evaluating yourself before providing your services to the market. Freelancing writing is a versatile career. You’ll want to accept jobs that suit your interest, education, skills and background.

Preliminary search: Actively search online for freelance jobs that are available. Register with the many freelance writing sites on the net.  Looks for those that seem to cater to your specialization.  I recommend Real Writing Jobs as a good place to start.

Introduce your services to prospects: A detailed “Bio-sheet” may be a best resource to showcase yourself. It’s a document just like a resume, providing a short description of your education, skills,experiences and interests.

Your Freelance Writing Growth Phase

Watch out for the single-client trap: Because freelance work is job based, usually no contracts are  signed. It’s crucial to work for variety of people and organizations.  Don’t rely on just one client. Ethically, you need to avoid giving services to people who are direct competitors with each other.

Improve your writing skills: As you continue to grow and to take on more jobs, work to improve your writing skills. The best way to improve your skills is to just write! There is nifty WordPress plugin, Routine Writing, that increases your writing motivation, productivity and practice – all on autopilot.

Take criticism positively: Take criticism and comments from your clients as pointers for future success.  Never get discouraged with rejections.

Maturity Phase

Be consistent: Consistency is crucial to sustain your freelance writing career. So often freelancing is thought of as a source of extra income.  So many are very casual about it.  They don’t take it seriously as a real business and they get discouraged too quickly.

Stay in touch with former clients: Relationship building is considered key to success. The freelance writing market is flooded with plenty of wannabes from everywhere the world.


Freelance writing is like an open platform for anyone,  anyplace in the world.  It does take work, persistence, and perseverance to make it a full time career. Not everyone is cut out to be a freelance writer. It must be a passion and it needs skill and intense focus to become a true success.