If you are going to get paid to write, you are going to be finding customers who will pay you for your writing. There are a number of alternative ways you can do this.  A couple of them more efficient than others. In this article we are going to look at 3 of the easiest to implement strategies for finding new customers so you can get paid to write.

Get Paid to Write By Networking

Probably the single most effective method to find new customers is to do a couple of networking meetings.  Target meetins with the people who are most in need of writing. In other words, you need to get to know those other internet marketers or business owners who are going to be searching for content.

You can do this by ways of several venues:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • In-person networking at seminars, conferences and other events

To get paid to write you need to make it known that you provide writing services.  You can consider offering a reduction on an initial order to show your capability.


Forums are just another type of online networking.  You can offer your services by ways of answering questions and giving advice. But don’t just join a forum and start advertising yourself right away. Spend a couple of weeks getting to be known on the forum. Showcase your writing capabilities a bit by being active in posts on the forum.

Once you’ve built a bit of a fame on the forum, you can add a link in your signature to your website, where you can offer writing samples and pricing information. This can be one of the quickest ways to get paid to write.

You might even be able to post offers right on the forum in some situations. Numerous forums, mainly in the net marketing niche, have sections where you can post your services and this includes writing.

Email List

Called solo ads, you can essentially rent someone’s email list and run a marketing campaign selling your writing services. You may even have your own email list. If you have been sending them email on a regular basis, and perhaps have even written a couple of reports or ebooks that you have sent them, you already have trust and credibilty built up with those people.

Provided what you’ve sent them is high-quality, you’ll have already overcome one of the major objections of potential consumers – they know the quality of your work.

The secret to these three strategies to get paid to write is that they are all working with a “warm” market – in other words, people with whom you have established some form of a relationship. You will find it is much easier to convert people who already know you into writing clients.