When you’re offering writing services you can generate revenue through a number of methods.  Theses include both writing itself and additional services. Let’s look at five ways that you can make more money writing through your writing services.

Make Money Writing!

Of all the services you can provide, the most obvious is simply writing. You might write web content, ebooks or reports or something else.  You’re basically offering a service to people who aren’t interested in or able to write for themselves.

You can add a number of additional services to your offerings, mind you. One of the most complementary is market research.

Market Research

If article writing is one of your services, keyword and market research ties into it quite well. Instead of simply writing a bunch of articles based on a list of topics you receive from your client, you could handle the entire process – make money writing and researching the keywords/topics, find good affiliate offers, write the articles, etc.

Customers looking for web content may also be interested in article spinning services. Whatever your personal opinion on spinning might be, there are lots of people who use it as part of their content strategy.

Article Spinning

Why not offer spinning services as an add-on for people who buy articles from you? Here’s an example…

{Spinning can be time-consuming so many marketers will pay more for the spinning service than they do for the initial “seed” article|It can be a time consuming process, so many marketers will pay well for a spinning service if you can provide high-quality spins|If you can provide high-quality spins, many marketers will pay well for it because it can be a time-consuming process}.

Web and Graphic Creation

Along those same lines, you could even offer graphics creation and web design services. Rather than simply write a report for someone, you could make money writing the report, create a minisite layout, make cover graphics and various other things.

You could even outsource this to a sub-contractor if you’re not very skilled at graphics design yourself. It’s harder to find good writers than good designers, partly because of language barriers.  You can often outsource this work and still earn some profit after you mark it up and pass the costs along to your customers.

Marketing Assistance

Look at all the processes involved in marketing, not just the writing itself. This can give you plenty of ideas for additional services that you can offer your customers. With a little work, you could become a “one-stop shop” for all their content creation needs.


Can you think of other ways to make money writing we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!