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You are probably very interested in how to make money with Kindle.  Afterall, one of the tough things about being a freelance writer is you have to keep producing content over and over to get paid.  That means you must always be marketing your service, writing queries for new work, bidding on projects, and never really knowing who or when you will get paid.

I know.  It can be a grind if you don’t have lots of repeat clients giving you work.

A lot of us started writing because we craved the freelance lifestyle.  It’s great to get paid while you sleep or while you are traveling or spending time working on other projects.

Over the last week I have been interviewing and talking with my writer friends who know how to make money with Kindle and are generating passive income with Kindle Publishing.  After taking a lot of notes and experimenting myself, I’m convinced I need to do more with this.  I’ve put together a Kindle Publishing Resource Pack and some easy to use tools to kick-start a passive income stream from Kindle books… (see below for free access).



Kindle eBooks let freelance writers get paid over and over again.  That means we can get paid while we sleep, while we’re spending time traveling, or working on other projects.  It is unlike other writing jobs  that require you to spend time daily on your business.

When you discover how to make money with kindle, you can build passive income that keeps rolling in day after day, week after week and even for months or years to come.   Passive income is a powerful thing.  Once you get this rolling you could wake up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales before you even finish your breakfast.  This is no fantasy, as I am hearing from my other writer friends who have been successful with Kindle publishing.

Many writers never start with Kindle because they think it’s too saturated, it’s too hard or they think it will take years for the money to start rolling in.  What I’ve found is that none of this is true.  The fact is anyone can make a very nice passive income with Kindle.  You don’t need any prior Kindle experience to be a success, income generating writer.



There’s a step-by-step process to success with Kindle.  Once you know exactly what that process is all you have to do is plug in and follow the simple steps to success.  Although the road to success with Kindle is simple, and anyone can get results,  you can’t just throw up a PDF file and expect to be making money with Kindle.

I’ve learned there is a process from finding a profitable niche to write about to tracking, managing, and optimizing your Kindle books.

One of my writer friends, Isabel in Florida, jumped into Kindle eBooks a few years ago.  She is a therapist and life coach, a single mother of two, and a freelance writer.  She now makes money with Kindle eBooks.


“As a single mother, being able to create income passively has been a God-send!”


Most of the horror stories and people talking about how hard Kindle is are from people that just decided to wing it.

The bottom line is this – there are details that make all the difference in the world.  I’ve found that when it comes to Kindle, do things the right way and you can quickly build a very nice, passive income.

Nick Stevens, another successful Kindle author, says…


“I now generate a monthly income.  I have 17 Kindle books online, and I am starting to create a new one each week.”


Kindle eBooks may be THE solution to round out your writing income.  Seems that if you do it right, you can make writing income while you sleep.  I like that!

But if you do things wrong, you could find yourself wasting time, spinning your wheels and ultimately never getting the you were looking for.


(From my friend Stefan)


I was surprised to learn that some Kindle publishers are making seven figures while they sleep.  They say that to get the best results with Kindle you need to follow a proven road map to success.  You need to do what others that have seen real success with Kindle have done.  This means you exponentially improve your chances for real writing success with Kindle and you can expect the big results.

So over the last few days I’ve put together the ultimate step-by-step Kindle Publishing Resource Pack.  It is your guide to making money with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Inside you’ll learn how to..


  • Get started with Kindle even if you barely know what Kindle is
  • The fastest way to decide on the perfect niche
  • The fastest way to create your first Kindle book
  • The things that make a good Kindle book
  • Step-by-step instructions for having someone else create your books for you
  • Fow to market create your Kindle books easily
  • How to quickly to climb to the top of the bestsellers category for your niche
  • The simple category for your niche the simple
  • The simple pricing trick that will make your Kindle books fly off their virtual shelves
  • Plus a whole lot more


You’ll walk away from this step by step guide to Kindle success with everything you need to quickly start making money.  I’ve done my best to be sure no stones are left unturned.

Inside this guide to Kindle success you’ll have everything you need to start making money right away and of course it doesn’t stop there.  You’ll discover how to scale your first book into a Kindle Empire in just a few short months.  You don’t need a lot of money to get started, in fact I’ll show you how to start with little to no initial investment and scale up from there.


Kindle publishing Resource Pack



In addition to the full resource and training guide, I’m including a “cheat sheet” breaks down the all the information into very easy to follow step-by-step processes.  This cheat sheet makes it easy to stay focused and see success fast.

There is also a Mind Map that gives you an overview of every step you need to apply to see success.  It’s great for those people that need to see it all laid out in a visual format.

Finally, I built a Resource Guide that conveniently lists all of the important tools and resources you need to get the right results with Kindle.

I realize you are a bright, intelligent person.  After all, you are reading my website!  You might be thinking… well, Jon told me quite a bit, but I need the whole Kindle Publishing Resource Pack to get started fast.



So here’s what I’m going to do.

Today; I will be handing out full access to the full Make Money With Kindle Training Guide, the Cheat Sheet, the Mind Map, and the Resource Guide.  There is nothing left out… and if Kindle Direct Publishing is your thing, or you think it might be, then this is the fastest way you can find to get started.


Want Access To the Kindle Publishing Resource Pack?


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