Let’s move away from the misconception that a content writing job is for people who prefer working from home. It’s true that many content writers are freelancers and work from a different geographical location rather than in a the company. However, it is essential to know that this kind of writing job has a lot more scope for freshers, who are looking for a permanent day job.

A content writer is the one who writes promotional and informational content for websites and other company portals. Content writing is usually written in English, but a lot of companies looking for writers in local languages too.




Content writers produce content in all fields.  For example, technical content writing jobs want writers with Masters in engineering and other technical backgrounds.

For general content writing jobs, bachelor degree in communication, journalism or any related fields is preferred.

Doctorate candidates are usually not sought for this position, but the need of the companies varies for different position. Some niche companies would require a specific educational background.

Excellent written communication skills (grammar), up to date knowledge about the related field, high words per minute typing speed, well versed in digital content management process  — these are all qualities company look for in content writers.  Companies also look for  content writers with specialized degrees or courses in professional writing.




The content writer is expected to complete research on the topic and understand it AND write the content. They need to be familiar with the basic writing formats for publications and websites.

Basically, a content writer would be writing the essence that a client is looking for. He or she has to surf the internet and other resources, learn about latest details and create appropriate content as per provided guidelines and within the proposed deadline.





Apart from these, the content writers is not usually given any management functions or responsibility. They are expected to manage the operational activities related to their job. In this form the scope of the job is unlimited.  This limite scope is one of the few ways in which a writer with a specialized degree, say someone with a degree in literature, can find a content writing job  in corporate world.

This position is for those who do not want to interact with clients, engaging in core marketing or other fields. All it really takes is some relevant knowledge and a flair for writing to land a content writing job.




There is a recorded 3% increase in demand and subsequent increase in the salary of content writers. Content writers with technical background can apply for technical writer position.  These kinds of jobs often see a higher demand in software based companies.

Writers in the more general content writing field can apply for senior positions like editors, after a few years of experience,  or they take up freelancing.

Freshers are sometimes fearful about taking up this position because it is not usually marketed by companies like other positions. But, this is a position which is in demand and the growth in this career path is projected to continue.

If you update your knowledge in the latest digital content management techniques and Google algorithms, you are always in demand.


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