In my last post (number one in this series of three), I wrote about why writing Amazon Kindle eBooks is a great idea for freelance writers. It can be a high leverage way to create a new writing income stream or supplement your existing business.

The next question that you probably ask is, “Where will I get the content for a Kindle book?”

Maybe you don’t have time to write a whole book. Maybe you like the idea of making money with Kindle publishing, but you don’t want to write the content yourself. One option is to pay someone to write it and then you edit the book. But you don’t want to pay someone to do it either?

One of the beautiful things about Kindle publishing is that there are still options open to you.


One such option is to create something using content that you already own now. This is a particularly viable option if you’re a blogger or doing freelance content writing. All you really have to do is select several blog posts you’ve already written, write a foreword, and compile them into an Amazon Kindle eBook.  Add a couple of unique posts to the book as well and this is something you can even market on your site!

On the web it’s very important that all content be unique. Otherwise, Google won’t show it. However, in case of an e-book on Kindle, there’s no way that Google will see the content. You don’t need to rank on Google as long as the content is yours and you own the copyright.

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from publishing it on your blog and selling it in a book that you’ve created.

Another option is to try and get other people to write your content for free. I know what you are thinking…

“Who is going to write a book for me for free?”

This might sound like it won’t happen, but it can work if you find the right crowd. You will be looking for people excited at the prospect of being in a book.

For example you could create a poetry anthology and run a competition for people who want to try and get themselves in the anthology. Then just publish those poems and charge a small fee for people to read them. The same goes for short stories.

There are more options too. You can even edit, repackage, and sell content that’s in the public domain. Books that have no copyright anymore are fair game. If you can find something that’s old but still relevant then this is an option.


While all these options are legitimate routes to take, you always have a lot more success if you write your own content for the purpose of selling a book.

Remember people are going to be reading this and you need to impress them with high quality writing.

This also works in reverse. What I mean is there’s nothing stopping you from publishing the Amazon Kindle eBook you created elsewhere and making even more money.


Amazon Kindle ebook


Better yet, why not physically publish a book?

Print On Demand, or POD, publishing is print-on-demand publishing. Basically means you can publish a book in a physical format and only pay each time the book is purchased.

You don’t need to order a thousand copies and then try to sell them. Amazon even has its own print on demand service which you can use concurrently as selling through Kindle

You can then promote this from your website and in videos and it will look professional as you have a physical item to present. You can also use

By now you should be sold on publishing eBooks through Kindle. I know this probably sounds like a lot, maybe even overwhelming.


Hang on for another 24 hours! My Kindle Resource Pack is almost done. It will give you the info you need to get started fast. In no time you should have several eBooks in Kindle.



If you are getting excited about Kindle publish, you may already be searching for a way to increase the volume of content you can create. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to maximize your potential income from the content you already have.

Then another option to take is the horizontal distribution approach. Before jumping into this method, you should be aware of something. Some folks will think this is being spammy. It is not. It is a very legitimate way for freelance writers to maximize their income IF you do it correctly. You want to be careful with this, but it’s worth a consideration.

Horizontal Distribution effectively means you’re taking an idea for a book or service and then you are marketing that to a wide audience under several versions with mild tweaks

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are creating a book that provides SEO and internet marketing advice for people in particular careers. You know how to promote your writing business online.

You can always repackage much the same content for other businesses in different industries. Simply write a foreword that is specific to the particular niche.


how to write a kindle book



In this example you would write a generic book on how to set up a website, how to market yourself with SEO. And how to set up an online order form or email marketing list, etc, etc

Now each time you mention something that relates specifically to the certain niche you’re you might be targeting, you include a small tag in square brackets.

You can then search for that specific tag using find and replace on your word processor and simply change the relevant text to relate specifically to your targeted niche

90% of your book might use the same content, but you can now sell it as online marketing for a variety of business types and niches. For instance an ebook about online marketing for personal trainers, how to market your web design business, an eBook about how to market your jewelry business online. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and ambition.

No one is going to buy more than one of these eBooks as the areas of interest are so diverse. No one is losing out a high quality purchase. At the same time though you’ll find you’re able to get clicks from many different niches and thereby improve your exposure significantly as a freelance writer.

This is what is meant by horizontal exposure because you’re spreading your product out horizontally for many people to find.



Likewise, you might recycle specific elements from particular books.

For instance, you have a book on workouts while traveling and a book on working out for
Students. You could repurpose the chapter that details specific body weight workouts and diet tips.

The same content would work equally in both niches. It’s up to you if you want to go down this route or not. Just note you can create a lot more eBooks a lot more quickly this way. When you have a thousand books in the store then it doesn’t matter if you only sell one of each a week.

That’s still going to be thousands of dollars worth of profit. Ultimately if you can increase the volume that you’re putting out then you can scale your writing business infinitely. That results in a near foolproof way to make money.


So by now you mind is probably spinning with ideas. I’m not surprise. Writers have creative minds, very similar to entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow I will have my final post in this series about making money with Kindle publishing. I will also have my Kindle Resource Pack ready for you to download. This should give you a solid guide to get started with Kindle publishing and making more income as a freelance writer.

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What questions do you have about making money with Amazon Kindle eBooks?  Put them in the comments below…

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