The fact that you’re essentially trading time for money is one of the biggest drawbacks to offering a service like writing. No matter how fast you can write, and how much you charge for your services, there is a limit to how much you can make.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the “Double Dip” strategy for making more money with your writing.

The idea is to retain the right to use your content in your own business as well. Whenever someone hires you to write for them, whether an ebook, a report or something else, you retain the right to use it as well.

Your client can use it however they want – web content, for sale, giveaway reports, etc. – and you can do the same.

The benefit to your client is they get exclusive rights for an initial period of time, like two or three months. This way, they get exclusive use for the initial time without any competition coming from you.

After that exclusivity period ends, you can then use it as well. This not only gives you the ability to generate more revenue from that writing, it also gives your clients an incentive to use it right away.

There are a couple of tweaks that make this strategy work particularly well. First, you should agree to never undercut your client. If they want to sell the ebook, you shouldn’t give it away or charge less than they do. Otherwise you’re going to find it harder to find clients interested in this deal.

The second component to making this as effective as possible is charging less for this type of writing project than you would for writing that was for your client’s exclusive use.

If you’re writing a 2,500 word report you could charge $100 for exclusive rights (4 cents per word) versus $50 for shared rights (2 cents per word). You would adjust those rates according to your own needs, of course, but the idea is to offer a better deal for the shared rights.

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