I wanted to share a few, quick thoughts on this topic.  One thing to keep in mind before you become a work from home writer, is that you need a few things before getting started. These include a mixture of skills, attitude and tools.


Most clients want content written in english, so you must be fluent in english and have good grammar and spelling. You must have some understanding of how web content is already written and formatted on the web,. If you are new to this, please take a look at our website to get a better grasp on how to produce high quality content.


You have to be dedicated and passionate about delivering a high quality service to your clients.

It’s important to be respectful and civil when discussing topics on client’s forums and blogs.


You don’t need all the latest gadgets to get started as a work from home content writer. You will need a reliable   connection, a working computer with word processing software and of course have a payment system available to you.  Google Wallet, Paypal or a bank account is really all you need to get started.

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What is your experience as a work from home freelance writer?  Share them below…









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