If you are considering this kind of writing job, he first step is to understand just what a Ghost Writer is, and what they do.  A Ghost Writer is a writer who writes for a person who either cannot write a book for themselves,or does not have the time.

Ghost writing is a competitive field, but it can also be lucrative.  If you want to become a ghost writer, you’re going to want to market yourself really well.  You’re going to need your own website so that people can look at examples of your writing.

Build your reputation with your website. Build your reputation as a go to writer, by doing as much freelance writing as possible,.  Get as much experience on your resume as you can.  This makes your THE writer for people to go to when they want their book to be written well.



While you are in your marketing mind, think about making a resume that showcases your experience.  A good writer resume is a powerful combination with a portfolio of your writing.  When you’re selling your writing style to people, people who may want you to write their books, they’re going to want to get a feel for how you write.  After all, your style will be representing them.  Be sure your portfolio has many different types of writing styles.  This helps you appeal to a wider range of potential clients.

Another thing people look for in a ghostwriters is a good, long biography of your life.   They want to see what kinds of experiences you can pull from in order to tell their story well.  Include a biography of yourself and some of your experiences.  Also include some things that you think inform your writing well.  These kinds of materials help you  market yourself to potential clients in a personal way.

Lastly, make contacts with people who are asking about ghostwriting. Look online for postings about people who want ghostwriters.  These people are out there and they are not all celebrity business executives.   Reach out and meet these people.   If you find someone interesting, ask them if they’ve considered writing a book and you’ll help.

Being a Ghost Writer requires some hustle and marketing on your part.  The opportunities are there, you just need to be intentional about finding them!


What other marketing tips can you share with our readers?


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    • Gary Miller

      If income is the primary goal for writing, then ghostwriting is most definitely one means to accomplish that goal. But, depending on their contract, ghostwriters frequently do not obtain the kind of public recognition they may deserve. I have performed the ghostwriter’s task and was pleased by my efforts and the income. Reading the excellent review on Kirkus given to a writer who couldn’t write well, however, was both gratifying and irritating. Gratifying because I had refined an otherwise bland plot line and it’s characters. Irritating because I never will be recognized for my work. Ghostwriting can certainly provide a stepping stone toward becoming a published author, but I’d rather apply my talents and receive the recognition—both positive and negative—for all of my work.

      • Jon Pennington

        Excellent points. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and perspective with me and my readers!

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