You can get paid to write articles.  The pay won’t be great, but the work is actually plentiful.  Many online marketings and small businesses need articles for their websites, newsletters, association journals, blogs, etc…  So the market is there.  As long as you can write fast and in an engaging way, article writing is a quick way to add income.

Can you write four hundred information-packed words? If you can, you’ll make money online writing articles. Here’s why you get paid to write articles online.

Articles are a type of advertising.  Online writing is designed to drive traffic to a web site. Strong engaging articles mean more people want to read them.  If they are well optimized they rank high in Google searches.  People click on them, navigate to the website, and hopefully buy something while they are there.  This is important to keep in mind when you are writing this kind of article.  Your client doesn’t really care about your literary greatness.  They only want that article to attract people to them.  They want it to position them as an authority, an expert, or trusted resource in the eyes of their targeted customer.


I think many writers miss this point.  When they are trying to get paid to write an article, they misconstrue the real intent.  Yes, it must be well written, it usually needs to be grammatically correct, and it must be engaging.  Just keep in mind the real purpose of the article in the client’s eyes.  If you do this, you will generate a lot of repeat business.

So many businesses online, from the tiniest one person shop to large firms, want and purchase content. Once you get connected to a client who buys articles from you, they can often call you on you for  additional articles over the course of a month.

How does one get started?  If you are new to article writing (meaning you don’t have any paying clients yet) you can get started by writing 5 articles as “samples.” These articles show your style. Post these articles your writing portfolio and add short “Hire Me to Write” note.

Next, go to some of the outsourcing sites like or Online Writing Jobs and look for article writing jobs posted there.  If you really want to accelerate the process and quickly get paid to write articles,  approach firms directly. Your first clients are very important so you should over-deliver in quality and content.  These first clients are going to provide you with testimonials.  Don’t be concerned with the fees you charge for these initial articles. The testimonial has more long term value than the initial fee. Use these testimonials to build up your name.


If you’re taking on a new consumer as results of the articles you are writing for testimonials, do not keep writing for low fees.  As your expertise and reputation start to increase.  So will your rates.

Tell us about you article writing experience below?  What other tips can you offer?