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If you have not already read the post about how to make money with Kindle ebooks and what other authors are doing this page may not make a lot of sense to you.  Please read the blog post here first:


Hi and thank you for the overwhelming interest in my Kindle Publishing Resource Pack.

As you probably know, writing is my passion and I am always looking for new ways to expand my business and reach.  After I learned how well several of my author pals are doing with Kindle Direct Publishing, I decided to investigate — and I have been blown away.

For years I have owned and used a Kindle.  And for whatever reason I just never got around to looking into Kindle publishing for myself.  So I got busy, dug into all the details — the where, what, why, and how of creating passive Kindle income, put it all together, so we can both grow our freelance writing business on this powerful platform.

On this page you can access my Kindle Publishing Resource Pack, which is all based on my own research and input from writers who are making significant monthly income from Kindle eBooks.

My Kindle Publishing Resource Pack will be accessible to 50 people.  As soon as 50 people get it I am going to close it down…


And  NO, I won’t be charging you for it either… but I won’t be giving it away willy-nilly either.  You see, if I just give this comprehensive set of Kindle income tools away without any commitment on your part, the liklihood is you will not see the value in it and therefore do nothing with it.

So this will be your commitment (if you accept it)

In order to received full access to my Kindle Publishing Resource Pack (includes the Training Guide, The “Cheat Sheet”, the Mind-Map, and the Resource Guide- easily a $499 value), I will ask you to purchase one very cheap (but effective) product through my link…

It will cost you around $27 (I understand that $27 may be too much for some — but that’s the deal here)

Purchasing this product through me is your commitment… and doing so will get you access to the Kindle Publishing Resource Pack (worth $499).


The product is…


How To Write a Book In Less Than 24 Hours

Full details of the product, what it does and all the links can be found here:  CLICK HERE

There are no exceptions… my Kindle Publishing Resource Pack is the real deal…. it is being used successfully by many writers to created recurring passive income.  I am using this information as well.  If using your existing content, repackaging and repurposing to leverage another income stream appeals to you, you should follow this formula — starting today!

My Kindle Publishing Resource Pack is closed to the the general public and new members, so this is the only way you will be able to get access.  (For the reasons stated above)

Check out this page (same link as above): CLICK HERE


How To Write a Book In Less Than 24 Hours is a “take you by the hand” training about how to create your own, profitable eBook in less than a day.  This is exactly what you need to start using the Kindle Publishing Resource Pack.

The course is written by a best-selling Kindle book author who has generated thousands of dollars on complete autopilot. Look at his page to see his results.

He gives you 11 high-quality, step-by-step videos plus PDFs explaining his quick, 10-step method of creating a profitable eBook in 24 hours.  Not only can you publish these books on Kindle, but also on Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, or even sell them on your own website.

There is also a 30 day, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



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