If you wish to make money by writing for other people, there’s a enormous roadblock that you’re going to face – low-priced writers. There are loads of writers who are willing to undervalue their writing. There are also a lot of others who live in countries with a smaller cost-of-living. When you are trying to make money by writing, you’ll often wind up in competition with these rivals. In this article we’re going to discuss a couple of ways of minimizing this trouble.

Make Money by Writing With a USP

The key to competing with these low-priced writers is to persuade your buyers that your work is worth that much more. This means you have to have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition.

If you can show people a better outcome by working with you, the cost won’t be an issue. It’s a matter of showing how the additional value that you bring is worth more than the added cost.

Specialization and Targeting Niches

One effective mode of competing is to specialize in targeted niches. You even specialize on certain topics within that niche. You make money by writing as an expert in that topic or niche. Think about topics where you have developed some expertise. That is a great place to start.

This might not persuade people who are just building a bunch of websites in a bunch of different niches. That is surely not the ideal writing client anyway. The ideal buyers are ones that require content on an ongoing and frequent basis. Once you work with them and show them your value, they’ll often keep returning for more.

Examples Of Your Writing

Another strategy for competing with cheaper writers is to have a good supply of sample writings for your buyers to read. Having a portfolio website is structurally important if you really wan to make money by writing for others. In addition to your website, have a few links where your writing is being used today. You can direct potential buyers to those links and they can see what you have done for others.

If you have worked with any influencers, celebs or people well known in a niche, this can add social proof to your value. If you can refer potential buyers to an example of your writing on a trusted blog or website, it’s going to hold more weight than if it was on a few random site.

Introductory Fee

Sometimes the writing fee is so vast it is hard for the buyer to overcome the difference. In that case you may consider offering an introductory fee so they can see your value.

Make it known up front that future work will be at your full fee.


Competition is part of the landscape, you can get away from it. However, a commitment to your craft and your value will help you make money by writing for the long term.