Sometimes knowing how to get online writing jobs for a beginner is to hear how others have done it.  I’m going to tell you about Jesse and how he start started as a freelance copywriter.

Jesse was able to get his first three copywriting jobs about 10 years ago.   He was a new copywriter and had no experience.  At that point in his freelance writing career, he had never been hired to write for anybody.  Jesse had no business contacts and no website, but he used specific the strategies to get his first 3 paying copywriting clients.

Strategy Number One

Jesse made it a point to attend and network at business seminars.  He attended a business seminar and says, “I was really quite terrified of meeting new people.  I didn’t really know how to network, but I was able to go up to and meet a couple of new people and as a result I picked up my first paying client.

If this is new for you, I’d recommend you try to go to seminars that lasts a couple of days and have some kind of fee to attend.  You’ll  find that free seminars are not that effective.   People at free seminars aren’t really qualified or may not spend money on copywriting.   Business seminars where you have to pay to attend, and are a couple of days long, give you more opportunity to get your first few clients.


Strategy Number Two

Jesse took time each day to network online.  He focused his networking on Facebook groups, online forums,  and even on LinkedIn forums.  The key, he says, is to stick with groups of small business owners or internet marketers.  These are the most likely potential clients who might hire you.

When Jesse first started he joined a copywriting forum and still today uses that form to network and meet other copywriters.   One of them was generous enough to send him a couple of copywriting jobs in his first year.  Jesse was forever grateful for him.  Being a part of this forum was instrumental in landing that online writing job as a beginner.

He advises that you need to be visible.   You need to put yourself out there if you’re going meet other writers who might send you work.


Strategy Number Three

Jesse went old school and picked up his local newspaper.   He looked for ads that he could improve.  When you do this you might see a few things the business is doing wrong.   Call a business and ask to speak to the business owner.  Jesse offered to rewrite their advertising for free .  He was amazed at how many business owners were eager for some help with their advertising.


Copywriting is a great online writing job for beginners.  It doesn’t take long to do and it is ideal for getting repeat business.  If you are struggling to get those first freelance writing clients, try one, two, or all three strategies Jesse used.  Start with one today!


Do you have another strategy to help beginning freelance writers?  Let us know below..

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    • Chris

      So, you title this post ‘Online Copywriting Jobs for Beginners’ but don’t list any jobs or where to find jobs or links to jobs – just 3 simple tips from someone else.

      Quite misleading.

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