Writers block.  If you haven’t experienced it as a writer yet, you will at some point. For some writers, it’s a minor nuisance; and for others, it can be devastating because it can last for hours, days, months even.

I have occasionally experienced writers block, but not in the extreme.  For those who struggle with it, I certainly have sympathy for you.  When I have experienced it, it lasted for hours at a time and that’s very frustrating when you have a schedule and a deadline to meet.


It seem that writers have their own style and approach when it comes to getting unstuck.  I thought I would share a technique that works for me.   You might have a different solution, if so please let me know in the comments below.

First of all, if you come to a point in your writing,  whether it’s commercial, you’re doing some copywriting,  you’re writing a novel that you’re already contracted to complete, it doesn’t matter. Whatever kind of writing you’re doing, if you get to a point where you don’t know what to write anymore, you just don’t write!

Sounds obvious and simple, but I’ve learned that when I am stuck I can’t force.  I just need to step away.  Don’t stay where you’re at. Don’t sit there and stare at the computer for another half hour getting more and more frustrated. Just get up.


If I was sitting here working on something and it just wasn’t flowing,  I’ll have to stand up and do some deep breathing.  If you do yoga, it’s like the where you just breathe in very deep, circular breathes. And for me, it helps to just  move around, move my body. This actually gets your blood flowing.  Your brain needs oxygen to be at its creative potential and oxygen is brought to your brain through your blood. Sometimes when you’re sitting there writing, writer’s block can be a physiologically result.

If you do yoga, do some yoga poses. If you just want to move around, just get up and move. Don’t sit there and stare at the computer because it’s only going to get you more frustrated.


Another thing you  might want to do is just leave the room altogether and just get outside for a few minutes. Breathe some fresh air.  The change of scenery and environment will make a big difference.  I’m not saying that’s going to fix everything, obviously.

Sometimes, writer’s block can be a lot more serious than that. Try that first before you move on to anything more drastic than that. You could try and get your ideas flowing.


What about you?  Please share your ideas and techniques for overcoming writers block in the comments below…

    2 replies to "Quick Idea To Overcome Writers Block"

    • Alexandra Ispas

      This is some really good advice! Sometimes it works for me too, especially when it comes to studying. After a while I get frustrated with what I’m doing so stepping away feels like the only solution, and when I get back to it the next day I feel how I can really do some serious work. It often happens with writing too, I simply take breaks and focus on other things. The downfall is that when the breaks take too long I feel like I need to read everything from scratch in order to lay another word on the page and that can get frustrating as well. I think that another solution to overcome writer’s block more quickly is to think from a different perspective, try to cover some similar topic and it might just be the content you’re searching for in fact. Like doodling I might say, but messing up with the words freely instead of drawing, without restrictions. At least that’s how I see it.

      • Jon Pennington

        Great idea Alexandra! A different perspective just might refresh the creative process. I will have to give it a try!

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