A buyer has landed on your sales page by ways of whatever marketing efforts. The first thing they will see is your caption. This headline has to be mind-blowing and captivate the reader’s consideration enough so they aren’t going to leave your site instantly. Having an amazing headline can greatly lower your bounce rate and maximize their time on your page.

Your killer headline will have to be direct and to the point. You need tease just enough in order for the reader enticed to read on. You have such a short amount of time to catch your reader and your title will make or break whether they remain on your sales page or restart onto something else.

The caption is where you should pull out your power words. You need to command and captivate your audience. Focus your caption on the reader, make it talk literally to them. Be vivid and say to them specifically what it will be like to use your product or how it will benefit them. Use action words such as, find, discover, get, learn, top and join. Words such as these encourage and guide your readers to wish to learn more about the product.

For example, see how the following title evolves from being bad to killer with the addition of a couple of power words. Now this is a generalized example and your title should be more unique and concisely related to your product’s best characteristic.

Bad: Product X Will Save Your Day

Alright: Learn Why Product X Will Improve Your Day

Good: Top 5 Ways How Product X Will Save You Time and Money

Killer: Discover The Top 5 Ways Product X Will Stop You From Wasting Your Time and Cash


With headlines there is an 80/20 rule, meaning that 8 out of ten buyers will actually read your heading and a as well 2 out of ten people will go on to read the body text of your site. This shows why it is super crucial to originate a killer title. Be sure you take a good amount of time to plan out your heading, don’t just write it and finished. 

Taking the time to surely plan out and evolve your heading from being average to killer will make all the difference. You can utilize A/B testing to sample two different headlines for a specified period of time to see which is getting the better response. Once you know which caption is working better for converting to sales you can utilize it permanently for the reason that you understand it works.

Your caption can make or break your sales page so be sure you are investing in the time to make sure it’s perfect. The same goes for writing subject lines of emails and newsletters. You need the receiver to actually open your email and click on your products.