Website writing jobs are some of the most prevalent.  Not only do you need to inform, but you must also motivate the reader to take some action.

Emotional triggers are used in every sort of advertising ever created. If you don’t believe me, go into a grocery store and walk around. You will see that each and every one of the “adult” cereal is high on the shelves and each and every one of the expensive sugary cereals are right at eye level for children. You must use psychological triggers in your web posts to motivate your clients to commit a purchase without pressuring them.

This is done in multiple different ways that I could discuss with you. Psychological triggers come in the type of emotions, words, phrases, numbers, colors, and shapes. I won’t try to say you each and every one of the successful triggers I have used, but I will let you know a few of the ones that have worked for me.


Let’s first discuss emotional psychological triggers. Curiosity may be used at the start up of your posts . To illustrate, you might use the words “it” frequently at the beginning of your copywriting and the reader will think “What is ‘it’”? The psychological trigger that kicks in is the curiosity. They are curious to know so they keep reading your salesletter.

Scarcity is insufficiency or limited availability of a resource or item. You’ve may have seen this plenty of times but could not have  it. Example – a few product owners limit the amount of copies they are selling to 50, 100 or 200 copies.

The end result is the feeling of “incompleteness”. Episodic TV shows, like “24”, do this in its trailers. They will tell you about a rapid two minute trailer of the following episode and will leave you hanging to wait and watch it. One way I use the end result in sales letters are three periods, i.e. – “…”

Example: “Did You Know 4 out of 5 People Fail…”


Using red, bold letters at the beginning of your sales copywriting  has worked very well for me. This draws your readers’ attention extremely quickly. Right beneath this, I try to use either green or blue writing as it is an adjustment from what your reader is waiting for. After the red color, most people expect to see more red or black. When you give them green or blue, they become even more interested.

Another trick that I have noticed is using a black environment and light text. multiple times this is easier on the readers’ eyes and they read more of the document. This should be saved for special target markets like the 25 and under age bracket.

Some phrases and words that have been notably successful for me are things like “Start generating income NOW!” and “In 24 Hours”. a heading that gives a short window of time and show results works notably well. Your readers are interested in results and will not want to wait. If your product is accessible via download or express mail with no added cost, then make sure to use speed of delivery as a motivating point. People do not have time to waste on the postal service.

People additionally love to see dollar amounts. For example, if you are writing a page for a home business venture, permit them know how much they can feasibly make in the first month. Give specifics not just “thousands”. clients who see $1,384.78 feel that you have seen this specific number so it must be probable. You should never lie to your purchasers,  Be sure the information you give is undoubtedly a real chance because extravagant numbers will make your readers leave your website.


Finally, I’d like to explain shapes and pictures. purchasers love to see ovals, triangles, and straight lines. If you break your promotion pages down with horizontal lines, they will be able to read the page in sections. Multiple people read better, when they are “chunking” information together. Reading 10 lines at a time is less challenging than reading 100 lines. Put a basic break in the page using a colored line or animated line. It will give your readers a break from the text and a beginning/ending point.

Stars and triangle shapes at the beginning of the document are also notably successful. Whether you design your own graphics or have freelancer do it for you, get a couple of shooting star pictures in the same color scheme as your promotion pages. Put them at around your caption and readers will know they are shooting for the stars when they pay for your product. 

Do a little analysis and see what works effectively on your target market. Look through your competitions’ web copy and see what they are doing. If their page makes you interested, it will possibly make your purchasers interested. Use their methods with your own twist and you will be successful likewise.


Please share your web writing experience below…