Okay, so you have an idea for a book, an article, or maybe a guest post and you are looking for a writing job.  This is a writing job where you do put your name on it.

So how do you submit a query letter? A query letter is is sending a letter or an email to someone in a position to publish your writing . You are convincing them that what you want to write about is a good idea, it is a good fit for their readers, and that you do a good job writing about it.

Approach your query letter like any business letter, you’re going to format it. At the top put their name, address and the date for your letter. Some people say you don’t even have to format it like a regular letter.  Just dash off a quick email.  After all, they’re busy people and they want to give it a quick read. Quick and simple is usually better.

But more often than not, people still expect you to be courteous and formal. If you are not sure, stick with that.

Here is an example query letter for a writing job:

January 25, 2018

Mr. Ted Jones
ABC Publishing
123 Main Street
Anytown, USA


Dear Mr. Jones

Ten tips for growing beautiful orchids effortlessly.

Orchids are beautiful, exotic flowers that are much easier to care for than most women realize. I propose to give your readers ten tips that will clearly show them exactly how to care for these enchanting plants.

The completed article will be about 1,000 words and can be delivered to you in hard copy and/or via e-mail within one week of your acceptance.

I’ve been a successful freelance writer for more than two years, and I’m the enthusiastic owner of over 15 orchids of several different species. My writing credits can be found at, or wherever they can find some samples of your writing. I’ve enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope or you may respond via e-mail at


Your Name


The point of this letter is, of course, to tell them about your ideas and let them know you do a great job. Be sure to have a link to your writing portfolio and your correct contact information.  Of course, have a professional email address for your writing jobs.  Gmail addresses are fine, just as long as they are professional.  While an email like ‘’ might be fun to use, it does not send a professional and competent message to a publisher.

Give this query letter a try (or maybe 100 trys!) and comment below with your results or tips about how you get great writing jobs.