There’s so many ways to make money writing,  It can be overwhelming when you are looking for good writing jobs.  Many freelance writers find that you only need one writing specialty to make a comfortable living. Let’s explore some of the different industries you may have overlooked.

Travel writing is getting more popular and it can be fun as well. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to go to Europe or China and write reviews on the interesting things there? One of the more intriguing stories I’ve read was about couple of teachers, where on their summer off got paid to visit dude ranches in Montana and Wyoming. Free for them and they got paid to do it.

Some of the biggest fees for freelance writing jobs is in direct response copywriting.  It’s a $trillion a year industry. There are some methods and techniques to learn and newcomers are successful there every year, but that’s where the big money is.

Other writing opportunities for people of all skill levels and where the most opportunity is, is writing for the internet.

Businesses and marketings are always posting writing jobs for  sales and landing pages or homepage content. The fees can be larger because it takes some understanding.  Writers have to be able to see the big picture and be good with words as well.

There’s also all that online content to write. Every word on the internet was written — and somebody wrote it. Most people got paid to do so. You could be one of them. Blog posts for example.  Some people get paid to write blog posts. Companies certainly need that. Companies of all sizes will pay for those blog posts, or they have the dedicated blog poster, which goes right along with their cousin, the social media writer.



If Tweeting and Facebook posting  comes natural to you, that might be your niche. That’s where you get paid.

You are probably aware that you can get paid for writing articles, but perhaps you’re tired of getting paid only two cents a word for your article. Consider writing online. There’s more opportunities there.




You might even decide to write all those articles for yourself and build your own website. There’s places that’ll teach you how to do that. Another place would be e- newsletters. For example, I go to a restaurant for a regular open mic night and this month I got a newsletter. In there was an article written on the best ways to come prepared for an open mic night and I was fascinated by the article. I know the owner of the restaurant and I know she didn’t write that article.  Somebody got paid to write that article and that e newsletter.

Writing for an e-newsletter can become a steady gig. There are big companies that need it.  I would suggest if you’re just starting out, start locally.   Your local chiropractor, your local yoga studio, attorney, heating and plumbing business…. You get the idea.

Something else that’s an up and coming niche is video. Video marketing is big and there is a real need for video script writing. Companies will pay for people to do that. If you’re conversational and persuasive or personable, you could do video script writing.



Do you get catalogs in the mail?  Somebody writes those product descriptions, why not you?  Somebody who writes persuasively and is good with just a few words to get people to want that product, those writers get paid well. It’s kind of an unknown niche.

An even bigger niche is writing company information, their literature, their brochures, their case studies, their white papers.  It is not very glamorous, but it can pay well.  I’ve written short, three panel brochures for as much a $150.  It took about 30 minutes and was well below 800 words.

Freelance writing jobs are there and you can make a living as a freelance writer.  You just need a few regular clients. Get five to ten regular clients and you can make a comfortable living. The demands are not that high.

Hopefully I’ve opened your eyes and your mind to more opportunities for writing jobs. Remember that you only need one industry to specialize in to make a comfortable living.


What other “unknown” writing niches can you recommend?  Put it in the comments below…

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    • Jack

      Ιn order tօ achieve success with freelancing,
      itt is necesѕɑry to be self-disciplined, mօtivɑted,
      and organized. If you happen to eleсt to take the rute of freelancing, you will have to have the ability to seɗk and obtain potential jobs, be very
      effective in scheduⅼing your time, and have good math expertise foг the purpose off
      billing and taxes.

      • Jon Pennington

        Good points, Jack. Thanks for sharing your insight and experience!

    • allyaldridge

      These job ideas sound like a dream come true. How would I find them? I’ve not seen them on regular job hunting sites like Indeed, Reed, Jobs24 etc. Where did you find your clients?

      • Jon Pennington

        Thanks for taking the time to comment, allyaldridge! You ask a great question, one that I get often.

        When I got started as a freelance writer the job resources on the web today weren’t available. I focused on where the money was (and still is!), which was content writing and copywriting. I looked for local businesses that had poor ad copy or site content and re-wrote some of it as a way to introduce myself. This was effective, but it took a long time to build momentum and traction.

        For writers who want to get off to a fast start, I recommend two resources. I recommend these because…1) This is where legitimate, paying jobs are posted, and 2) my students are telling me they are having success finding paying work.

        Online Writing Jobs –

        Freelancer –

        In both sights you can search for jobs that match your criteria and apply. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t hired right away. Just be persistent, write a good proposal, and keep applying.

        Hope that helps!

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